Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Cheers to a fresh start. From finishing University and settling down back at home, I have finally got back on the wheel of blogging (aka the excuse to haul from new clothes). While it's been a while, my wardrobe has been getting bigger. Substantially, got to the point where I'm having to fend for a wardrobe number 2. However, as per I've kept my whits about, and to say what has happened, 2016 has been a good year for those bandwagon trends. 

Out of everything I have poured my hard-worked money into, I've also fallen into the craze of trainers. I mean, I'm exactly the sporty type, nor the one that exercises, but once I finally got a pair I can fully understand why they've become the go-to away from the gym. You can call it a love story (harhar) but once I saw these, I knew I needed a pair.

Rainbow soles, holographic panel build, 'I don't care' attitude on the laces. Yeah. These we're a keeper. Co-created by the unicorn infused American brand Local Heroes, I instantly knew I needed a pair. It was a throw back to my childhood, when I used to run around in my sketchers trainers. Priced at £95 pounds, I knew they were the missing void to my wardrobe.

With my main aim of comfort in pretty much everything I wear (no prim and proper please), I decided to pair my trainers with the Zara Metallic culottes which are only £19.99! With a tie-wrap front, wide leg room and a bit of shimmer, these are my element of comfort and effort. 

I decided then to finish my look with my season favourite, the Zara faux leather pink jacket. First released a few months back in yellow and baby blue, it's evidently become a favourite for my wardrobe. Aside from the vibrant peachy pink, it's a jacket which has become an essential, and well, matches almost everything in my wardrobe with very minimal effort.

The whole look together came to a price under £200. For myself and speaking behalf as a graduate this was a steal all thanks to Zara and ASOS. Looks are still available online and across Zara Stores. Happy Shopping.

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