Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I have a huge love for skate culture. Not because of the role models within it, but the stereotypical rule of dressing is what I've grown up with. Living near London, and consistently taking the family holidays to Brighton throughout my younger years - I've always adored the niche brands and individual labels.
So while the hype of bespoke labels have soared through our radars for 2016, I've had to take a dip. Being a collector of t-shirts from brands such as Cafe to Primitive Berlin, I obviously had to follow the crowd and nab myself the flame Thrasher tee.

While my 'elevate the neck' move is a still a passion of mine, the best way to spruce up any thrasher tee is a black thin scarf. While wearing the brand can pass you as any other (edgy...?) millennial this year, adding small touches is bound to complete a look. Especially as it only cost me a few pounds off ASOS. 

In hindsight, this look has become a favourite for me. When completed with a pair of flares, it's something I'm sure going to do again. Question is, which t-shirt?

T-Shirt was from SLAM CITY SKATES based in Shoreditch.

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