Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fashion is more involved politically than ever

Well, that's what I see. With the AW15 season just finished, gay marriage still being a discussion around the world, #FREETHENIPPLE taking over woman in Iceland and ageism creeping into our catwalks and campaigns, it seems like the whole world of media and fashion is having a political makeover.

We can never forget the year of 2014, which had riots of equality on the catwalk of Chanel, FREETHENIPPLE campaign starting alongside HE FOR SHE. Seems like 2015 is already instore for a bigger impact.

Starting with the AW15 fashion week season. It's been a journey of gothic vibes, to 70's flares jetting back in to our catwalks. However with that, it's been a movement of acceptance and human rights. Looking into the menswear, we have seen a range of gender bending style. From pink shades, to big fur coats and also a small pair of heels, you name it a man has worn it somewhere at some fashion week, or shall I say on some catwalk. Big names such as Saint Laurent allowed men to dress in a transgender fashion, of sassy pink fur coats and pointed leather high heeled shoes.
Raf Simmons was also seen joining the bandwagon of gender fuse alongside brands such as 69 WORLDWIDE and J.W Anderson (although this wasn't his first time going transgender friendly).
With that, Rick Owens also used the form of empowerment in his collection. Exposing men on a whole new level, of exposing the male models anatomy. I couldn't help but think it was a correlation of  the movement of exposing womanly equally, but turned back to the opposite gender.


With gay marriage and gender changes on the rise, it was refreshing to see the movement in society is creeping into what we wear and what we class as a statement trend. It's allowing us to see what is going on and the change of acceptance to be visualized in a artistic way in which we can desire to own ourselves.

However on the side of equality, there is also a side which isn't as uplifiting. The conflict of governments and countries is also trickling down into our fashion spectrum. Gothic vibes, ultility wear are making a statement and is also being seen throughout the season. Its hard to escape, making the way to get a word or emotion out can be used through fashion. Brands such a McQueen with dark toned military wear, of graphic prints stating honour is a clear example of this. We have also seen the 'classic' army gear go down the runway during Astrid Anderson as well. In correlation Thom Browne and Givenchy created a dark and gloomy 'funeral' collection, with a emotion of anything but uplifting.

Is all this talk on current affairs being translated into trends and fashion making a difference in the way we dress, feel and view things this season? I feel fashion is slowly turning into not a way of expressing creativity and waiting for a trend 30 years relive itself but more into another level of expressing movement in the world.

What do you think?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Your Spring-Season Needs: #2 SNOOPY X RODNIK

To carry on my spring season needs, I feel the 2014 motif trend needs to be relived. With Nostalgia still on top for being a social trend, carrying on through to AW15 (did you see AGI & SAM menswear collection?) my spring essentials turns to those childhood memories.

Recently, from Urban Outfitters I purchased SNOOPY X RODNIK backpack, reduced to £20 from £75. SNOOPY X RODNIK collection was released end of 2014, filled with Snoopy co-ords, bags, hats and accessories. The label is known for bringing child hood memories and illustrations to the street. With inspirations from Moschino with the throw back to barbie, seems like bringing back childhood toys and tv shows to fashion is trickling down dramatically.

Since getting the backpack on such a good deal, it has literally became my most favourite thing in my wardrobe, turning any simple outfit to a vibrant, individual style. With fitting around the motif and nostalgic vibe, the backpack is ideal for those daytime needs, fitting almost all my essentials in it! Dream!

But with such a statement piece, how do you wear it? 

Snoopy Take #1

Snoopy Take #2

Friday, 13 March 2015

Your Spring-Season Needs: #1

I've been gathering together some big needs for your wardrobe this spring. Starting with my beloved floral headband, it's an absolute steal and is ideal for those grunge floral look and the perfect addition for the festival vibes. 

Reduced from £20 to £5 at TOPSHOP, it has to be one of my best buys yet this year. Made by FREEDOM jewellry, grab yourself one at any TOPSHOP store. (sadly due to sale reductions it's now been taken off online). 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spring is around the corner

Its getting close to spring, which means my florals are coming back (I know, ground breaking). I've had the  pleasure to style my outfit today around my new GEMPORIA gift, the Teardrop White Topaz Bracelet.

With silver always being my key choice of jewellery, I was really excited to get my hands on some gold and see what I'm able to work with. I chose to go down the route of a more subtle outfit, with a bit of an explosion of colour for the beginning of spring. Topped with a heavy black jacket, to keep myself warm and comfortable. The bracelets finished the outfit completely. With delicate detail, it was perfect match with the skirts print.

Skirt / Zara / £Unknown
Jumper / Topshop / £28
Boots / Public Desire / £40
Coat / Primark / £25
Clutch / Topshop / £32

Monday, 23 February 2015

Its Dark and Mysterious for AW15 @ JWH

On behalf of Mess Magazine I was able to attend Jamie Wei Huang's AW15 collection. She blew me away last season with a range of light pastel colours, range of rough textures and chunky shoes. However with the turn of the Fall season, she has took a dramatic change.

Gothic, sadistic and brutal was my sudden thoughts as soon as the collection started. With a constant soundtrack of Rammentien being played as the models stormed down the runway it clearly shown that Huang had took every aspect into mind when creating a dark atmosphere.

Every garment was something I'd love to add my little dark side to my wardrobe. Tough leathers, buckles and dark tones kept the doom mood flowing, with a mix of tailored jackets and puffy shapes. A spread out palette of maroons, navy's, blacks and greys was ideal for the AW coming season, and was a complete contrast to her SS15. It wasn't all doom and gloom, as pale pinks and whites were also included into the collection. Sweat look hair and drowned faces of the models also topped the garments, bringing together the full goth outfit.

My key highlights of the collection was the fur detail. This added warmth to the collection and gave Huang that individual touch. Block shape and chunky backpacks is still a growing trend, which is also shown as well in the collection.

Gothic vibes has been seen all throughout the season of AW15. With menswear also jumping on the trend and other big brands such as Alexander Wang, it's no doubt the dark side of your wardrobe is going to make an appearance later this year.

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